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From mentorships to swap parties, we’re hosting events all year round. Take a look at some of them and make sure you’re on the list to receive the latest on upcoming activities.

Professional Mentorings


A joint project created to strengthen emerging brands by enabling them to learn from top international editors, designers and retailers. Our aim: to support and elevate local designers providing them a one-on-one mentoring program from the best in their field. A game-changing learning opportunity.


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Leadership coaching


A personalized, customized, conducted one-on-one for a defined period of time and with a specific purpose in mind, leadership coaching programs help you help yourself by building resilience and inner strengths.


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Learning  is crucial. In collaboration with institutions, we facilitate free access to on-line courses and workshops to help your brand thrive.


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Raising awareness on the impact we can make as individuals to live in a more sustainable, ethical and respectful world, we spread the word in schools, universities and public events.


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We partnered with a diverse array of experts and institutions to host and sponsor workshops and masterclasses for entrepreneurs in the creative industries.

Marketing, business strategy, financial planning, intellectual property, business growth strategies and exporting are some of the topics we discuss with startup CEOs in interesting, inspiring and empowering sessions.


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Swap parties


To save thousand of useful garments from ending up in landfills, we make swap parties. Join us in this iniciative to extend the life cycle of unwanted clothes by swapping them with people that will reuse these garments, in a fun and relaxed gathering.


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