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About us

Omina comes from the Latin and means omen, presagio, presaggio. They are the signs that warn us about the future.


Omina is non profit initiative created to inspire people to change their mindsets to a more sustainable lifestyle by sharing the insights of global luminaires, innovators and disruptors.


Omina is a hub for creatives, doers, entrepreneurs, and in general all individuals interested in rebuilding our collective future based on sustainable, fair and interdependent practices, to connect, convene, get trained, get mentored and supported.

Our Summits

Through our biennial Summits we bring together the top global disruptors to discuss, propose and implement alternative paradigms in lifestyle based on environmental and social justice. We showcase the leading technologies and latest innovations in sustainable lifestyle, whilst at the same time celebrating traditional artisanal master crafts.

CEO & Co-Founder

Andrea Somma-Trejos

For more than a decade, Andrea Somma-Trejos has been dedicated to several non-profit initiatives in sustainability and the arts, and is a passionate advocate of women’s empowerment.

Andrea served as Chairman of the Board of Fundación Teor/Etica, an internationally acclaimed non-profit organization dedicated to the arts in Central America, where she developed projects in conjunction with the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Guggenheim.

In 2017 she founded the Costa Rica Fashion Summit (CRFS), the first sustainable fashion forum in the region, reuniting the most relevant experts worldwide. Under Andrea’s lead, the CRFS was a local and international success with more than 5000 viewers online and coverage in over 15 international media outlets. Since its completion, similar forums have emerged in all countries of Central America including Costa Rica.

The success of this initiative led Andrea to partner with the renowned entrepreneur Carmen Busquets to create OMINA, an ambitious non-profit venture that seeks to inspire people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle by spreading global visionaries’ perceptions.

Andrea Somma-Trejos is also executive director of FUNDACION CIUDAD.

Costa Rica Fashion Summit in 2017 was a local and international success which led Andrea to pair up with well-known fashion entrepreneur Carmen Busquets to create in 2018 Omina Summit.


Read the Costa Rica Fashion Summit 2017
Opening Speech


Carmen Busquets

Pioneering luxury fashion and e-commerce entrepreneur Carmen Busquets’ work has always been a platform for supporting craftsmanship, heritage and technology, and has thrived as a ‘laboratory’ of disruptive ideas that continue to generate. Since Carmen’s entry into the industry in 1992, approximately 10,000 jobs have been created from her investments.

Carmen’s desire has always been to discover and support the world’s top emerging entrepreneurs and to help educate consumers about their stories and products. She envisions a future where the consumer can buy more intelligently and the value of owning things takes on more individual meaning. She plays an active mentoring role in several companies, and is council for WWF.

Sustainability is becoming an important new driver of consumer purchasing decisions

Our Advisory Committee

Livia Firth
Founder / Creative Director, Eco Age
Chairman of Omina Board

Nina Garcia

Editor in chief, Elle US  & Project Runway Jury


Gabriela Hearst

Fashion Designer & Philanthropist


Miroslava Duma

CEO & Founder Future Tech Lab


Sylvia Marin

WWF Head of Special Projects for Latin America

Our Organization Committee

Andrea Somma-Trejos



Gabriel Arias

Executive Director


Gabriela Morales

Head of Volunteers and Fundraising


Gloriana González

Social Media


Anabella Jerez

Public Relations


Anuska Pal



Gloriana Turcios

Knowledge management


Pamela Reyes

Project Management


Cirelis Quintero



Tatiana Marín

Photography Director



Art Direction